Our Story

Time is a measure of success. Being a relevant company in the communication world in a fast-changing scenario is a challenge. But how can you remain relevant for over 50 years?

The answer is simple: strive for excellence.

With dedication and a strategic team that keeps up with trends, tools, platforms, information, and focuses on results, we help clients achieve their business goals.

Experience shows that this is still the secret to making a difference in our business.

Ingrid Rauscher


In 1971 our
story began

ADS was founded in 1971 by Antonio De Salvo, one of the most well-known and respected Public Relations professionals in Brazil. Throughout De Salvo’s career, dedication, ethics, professionalism and creativity were always key elements, which continue to be part of the agency’s philosophy that he created.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to developing top-notch communication and marketing strategies with a team of qualified and creative professionals. Our mission is to help our customers gain visibility, credibility, and positive relationships with their stakeholders.

Our Vision

We strive to become the most respected communications and marketing agency in the country, recognized for the professionalism, integrity, quality, and results that our team delivers.

Our Values

We place a high value on quality, professionalism, integrity, respect, dedication, innovation, and ethics. We prioritize our customers, employees, and partners, helping them develop, grow, and achieve success.

Understand how ADS can
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International Connections

We are part of ECCO International Communications, a network of 35 independent public relations agencies operating in 40 countries.

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