We are a team of journalists, advertisers, data analysts, developers, strategists and designers passionate about transforming our customer’s story into something relevant and interesting to all stakeholders.

Get to know some of the people who form part of this story:

Ingrid Rauscher

Ingrid Rauscher – CEO

Co-founder of ADS, Ingrid is responsible for the international sector of the agency. With a degree in Public Relations from the University of São Paulo, with specialization in the planning and coordination of Integrated Communication Programs, she has received more than 25 national and international awards (IPRA, ABERJE, Public Opinion, Ideas in PR) for the development of stakeholder relationship programs. She was president of major national and international Public Relations entities.

Silvia Balzan

Silvia Balzan – COO

A manager with a strong commitment to results, she is responsible for leading the teams, planning and carrying out communication strategies for national and multinational companies, crises management as well as coordinating and organizing events. With a degree in Journalism from the Cásper Líbero Foundation, she has more than 25 years of experience in the field of Corporate Communication, especially in dealing with Information Technology companies.
She was a member of the Ethics Group of Abracom – Brazilian Association of Communication Agencies.
She has received awards from ABERJE, CONRERP and IPRA for her performances in marketing and communication campaigns.

Vera Santiago

Vera Santiago – Director, Business Development

She has vast experience in the management of Communication and Media Relations Programs for companies of all sectors, with emphasis in the area of Health Care, Services, Associations, Education, among others. With a degree in journalism from Cásper Líbero and a post-graduate degree in Business Communication from ESPN, she specializes in Internal and External Communication Diagnosis, Crisis Management and in the performance of Digital Campaigns for national and international customers. She takes part in the HR Work and Training Groups of ABRACOM. She was given the Public Opinion Award in recognition for her planning and carrying out of social responsibility programs.

Bianca Sturlini

Bianca Sturlini – Director, Communications Strategies

With a degree in Public Relations and a post-graduate degree in Business Administration from the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation, she has been working in the business communications and media relations market for more than 15 years, serving customers in the areas of Culture, Services, Retail, Third Sector and Transportation. She has been part of the agency since 2001, being responsible for the management of various accounts.

Marcelo Domingues

Marcelo Domingues – Director, Business Unit

Marcelo received his degree in Social Communication and Journalism from PUC-SP in 1996. He has more than 20 years of experience in business communications, having worked in communication agencies and departments of national and international companies in the industrial, business, financial, infrastructural, IT, insurance, legal and agribusiness sectors. A member of ADS since 2007, his career started as an account executive,  account manager and is currently the Head of a Department in charge of media relations projects, relationship campaigns, advertising and events for national and international customers.