Putting the spotlight on responsible supply chains in fashion

The Brazilian Retail Textile Association (ABVTEX) brings together 23 groups that represent more than 50 major retail fashion brands in Brazil with more than 6,000 stores, creating 400,000 jobs.

Since 2007, we have been providing ABVTEX with media relations services, creating a monthly newsletter, and supporting their institutional communication.

At the beginning of the project, ABVTEX was virtually unknown in the media, and news articles about the textile and clothing sector mostly featured industry-related sources. To change this, we developed a comprehensive spokesperson relations program that put ABVTEX in the forefront of responsible supplying, especially after launching the ABVTEX Supplier Certification in 2010, a significant step in the fight against slave-like labor conditions in the supply chain.

Over six years, we helped ABVTEX certify over 4,000 clothing manufacturers and subcontracted companies and carry out almost 20,000 audits by independent certifying bodies. Together with their supply chain development and anti-informal labor initiatives, these efforts have been widely covered in the media, with an average of 350 articles published every year. We also wrote the winning case for the “2016 Von Martius Sustainability Award,” one of the most prestigious awards in Brazil, granted by the Brazil-Germany Chamber.

By exposing ABVTEX in the media, we helped the association build its image as a supporter of sustainable supply chains in the clothing and footwear sectors.

Creating a Culture of Change, Supplier Loyalty, and New Markets

For over 30 years, we have been developing the planning and communication actions, public relations, and promotion for illycaffè, the Italian coffee roaster in Brazil, boosting the foreign brand in a country with a strong coffee tradition. Additionally, we organize and promote the Ernesto Illy Award for Sustainable Quality Coffee for Espresso, since its creation in 1991, and coordinate the illy Coffee Club, created in 2000 as a pioneer loyalty program for suppliers, which has already benefited more than 3,000 producers. Both initiatives can be considered milestones in the industry and have been contributing to increasing the interest of coffee growers in supplying to illycaffè.

The competition has stimulated the concept of quality and sustainability and has already awarded more than 2,500 coffee farmers. illy Club members have access to courses and seminars and consulting with specialists. ADS coordinates and organizes exclusive meetings on model farms for the exchange of experiences and practical application of technologies, videos and manuals, exclusive information, digital channels, and L’Espresso Magazine, among other actions. Satisfaction and opinion surveys are periodically conducted with members. The longer the uninterrupted supply to the coffee roaster, the more advantages the member producer receives, in addition to the invaluable gains in terms of appreciation and status in the coffee market.

All this work is considered a reference in the agribusiness sector, having contributed to the change in mentality of coffee farmers towards the concept of quality versus quantity and the discovery of new producing regions in Brazil. For the results obtained with the services provided to illycaffè, ADS was awarded the Aberje National Award and the Golden World Award for Excellence from IPRA.

Engaging stakeholders through integrated communication

With the pandemic, regular and transparent communication became more crucial than ever. At Klüber Lubrication Brasil, we created a strategic plan that promoted integrated communication for internal and external audiences through various channels, such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, emails, newsletters, corporate TV, live streams, and online events.

We worked with a communication committee composed of 17 executives to define the key channels, principles, and duties, and to produce, review, and manage content.

Our efforts resulted in a 15% increase in the number of followers on the company’s LinkedIn page (over 8,000) and a 20% increase in website visits. The content shared via the Corporate WhatsApp group had a read rate close to 100%.

ADS conquers world media for LEGO at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio

Innovative and creative communication strategies were key to achieving historic press coverage for CASA LEGO® and the Rio de Janeiro City Model made of LEGO during the 2016 Olympic Games.

ADS was able to provide a ROI of over 35 million BRL and secure over 500 articles as a result of its efforts. ADS’s strategic activities began with the launch event at the Rio Media Center, where an exclusive and informal Meet & Greet featuring the LEGO CEO, the President of the Municipal Olympic Enterprise, and the Secretary of Culture riding on Danish bicycles, was a sensation.

The presence of the Master Builders, responsible for creating the model of the host city, also generated media attention in Brazil and worldwide. LEGO executives participated in more than 40 interviews, which were broadcasted by major news networks such as CNN, BBC, and RAI.

The model, made up of almost 1 million blocks, was seen by more than 85,000 people and was recognized as the most popular attraction at the Games according to the organizers of the Olympic Boulevard.

The Casa LEGO® on Ipanema Beach was another major attraction, and our communication strategy, in collaboration with the Danish government, secured the presence of the Danish Royal Family at the opening ceremony, attracting journalists from Brazilian TV channels such as Globo, SBT, and Bandeirantes, as well as Danish and international ones. The Danish government’s collaboration helped to secure the presence of the Danish Royal Family at the opening ceremony, further boosting media coverage.


Innovative relationship program

The implementation of a pioneering and innovative PR Plan created by ADS for Microsoft Brazil helped expand the company’s relationships with its main corporate clients, in a program that lasted over 3 years.

The program welcomed 3,899 participants from 977 companies, making it the company’s first relationship program directed to IT professionals in the country. The program included regional events in six state capitals, face-to-face and online training, and exclusive content focused on the benefits of Microsoft technologies.

To incentivize customer participation, ADS created a scoring system that awarded points for various activities, and winners received technology training courses at Brazil’s most renowned educational institution, Fundação Getulio Vargas. The results were impressive, with a satisfaction index of 98.1%, 78% having a better perception of Microsoft, and 88% considering the events a networking opportunity. ADS handled all aspects of the program, from strategy to logistics, leading to winning the ABERJE Award in the Marketing and Communication category.

Innovative approach proved that experience speaks louder than words

Our client, Mondial, approached us with a unique challenge of promoting their high-power eight-blade fans to journalists, digital influencers, and consumers, despite the product being in the market for over three months. We brainstormed and executed a compelling event called “Feel the force of the wind,” inviting 24 journalists and influencers to an indoor skydiving tunnel to experience the power of the fans.

The event was a resounding success, generating over 190 stories, 15 social media posts, and a live stream, providing the brand with excellent exposure. We also secured press coverage in newspapers, on TV, and online, further amplifying the reach of the campaign.


Innovation in Cross-Platform Access

ADS developed and implemented a revolutionary project for SASCOM magazine, the quarterly corporate publication of SAS Brasil, a global leader in Analytics. The project aimed to expand the reach of the publication to digital platforms, with the creation of new app versions for Apple Store and Google Play, which made access and reading the publication easier on mobile devices. The app also offered additional content not available in the print edition, such as photos, videos, links, and documents.

The use of multi-platform formats (print, web, and app) improved readers’ access to SAS Brasil content and solutions. The web version of the magazine was also updated, and the SASCOM app was developed for IOS and Android operating systems, making it one of the first corporate magazines to offer this new option in app stores. During the first year, the application was downloaded more than 450 times, and the web version had over 1,100 visits.

Socicam terminais

Effective communication enhances brand's value

Since 1998, ADS has been serving as the communication agency for various enterprises of Socicam, the largest passenger terminal administrator in the country. Over the past two decades, our partnership has been built on transparency and mutual trust, allowing us to contribute to the company’s expansion into different modalities beyond road transportation, including ports, airports, urban terminals, and shopping centers.

With a highly skilled, agile, and multidisciplinary team, based partly at ADS and partly in the client’s facilities, we cultivate strong relationships with the national press and other audiences that interact with Socicam. Our portfolio includes a range of projects, such as socio-environmental responsibility initiatives, institutional publications, booklets, videos, advertisements, website management, and social media, all of which have helped strengthen the company’s image.

Moreover, we provide consulting services in crisis situations to prevent unwanted media exposure and to mitigate any negative impact on the brand. ADS offers quality services with 24-hour shifts, seven days a week, and actively participates in the planning and execution of communication strategies for Socicam’s enterprises, consistently enhancing their brand value for over two decades.