Exposure for the retail fashion industry

The Brazilian Retail Textile Association (ABVTEX) brings together 23 groups that represent more than 50 major retail fashion brands in Brazil with more than 6,000 stores, creating 400,000 jobs. Founded in 1999, the association became part of ADS’ client portfolio in 2007 with the provision of Media Relations services, the creation of a monthly newsletter and support for institutional communication.

At the beginning of the project, the association was not known by the general press and articles related to the textile and clothing sector had only bodies related to the industry as sources. This situation has changed significantly with ADS’ intense program for ABVTEX spokesperson relations with the press. By exposing itself in the media, ABVTEX gradually gained prominence as a voice for responsible supplying, especially after launching the ABVTEX Supplier Certification in 2010, considered a “watershed” moment in the fight against slave-like labor conditions in the supply chain.

In the six years the program has been running, ABVTEX has certified 4,112 clothing manufacturers and subcontracted companies and carried out 19,718 audits by independent certifying bodies. All of this work, together with steps taken that focus on the pillars of the association, such as supply chain development and the fight against informal labor, has been widely disseminated in the media with an average of 350 articles published in the press each year. ADS was also responsible for writing the winning case in the Humanity category of the “2016 Von Martius Sustainability Award”, one of the most respected awards in Brazil, granted by the Brazil-Germany Chamber.

The exposure of ABVTEX in the media boosted the body’s image as a supporter of measures for a sustainable supply chain in the clothing and footwear sectors.