Mudança de cultura, fidelização de fornecedores e criação de novos mercados

Culture change, supplier loyalty and creating new markets

For more than 25 years, ADS has developed planning and communications, public relations and promotion actions for the Italian coffee roaster in Brazil, promoting a foreign brand in a country with a strong coffee tradition. In addition, it has been organizing and promoting the Ernesto Illy Quality Prize for Espresso Coffee since its creation in 1991, as well as coordinating the Illy Coffee Club, created in 2000 as a pioneering supplier loyalty program, which has already benefited more than 3,000 producers. Both initiatives are considered milestones in the industry and have contributed to the growing interest of producers in supplying coffee for illycaffè. The prize fosters the concept of quality and has already been awarded to more than 2,000 coffee growers.

Illy Club members have access to the courses and seminars of the Università del Caffè, an illycaffè program that disseminates diverse knowledge about the world of coffee; expert consulting and the Supplier of the Year award. ADS coordinates and organizes exclusive meetings on model farms to share experiences and the practical application of technologies; videos and manuals; and the L’Espresso magazine, among other activities. Member satisfaction and opinion surveys are conducted periodically. The greater the uninterrupted supply time from the supplier to the roaster, the more benefits the member producer receives, in addition to the invaluable gains in terms of value and status in the coffee market.

All this work is considered a benchmark in the agribusiness sector, having contributed to changing the mentality of coffee growers with respect to the concept of quality versus quantity and the discovery of new coffee producing regions in Brazil. Due to the results of the services rendered for illycaffè, ADS was awarded the Aberje National Award and the IPRA Golden World Award for Excellence.