ADS conquista mídia mundial para a LEGO nos jogos olímpicos Rio 2016

ADS conquers world media for LEGO at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio

Innovation and a strategic and creative communication plan resulted in historic press coverage for CASA LEGO® and the Rio de Janeiro City Model made of LEGO during the Olympic Games. More than 500 articles and a ROI of more than 35 million BRL underscore the degree of exposure ADS was able to provide their 11-year customer. To achieve this immense exposure, ADS organized a series of strategic activities, starting with the Rio Media Center launch event. Exclusive and informal, the Meet & Greet was a sensation at its opening with the entry of the LEGO CEO, the President of the Municipal Olympic Enterprise and the Secretary of Culture riding on Danish bicycles.

The presence of the Master Builders, the LEGO builders responsible for creating the model of the host city, had repercussions in the media and newspapers in Brazil and around the world.

LEGO executives gave more than 40 interviews, which were broadcast by CNN, BBC and RAI, among others. With almost 1 million blocks, the model was seen by more than 85,000 people and was recognized as the most popular attraction at the Games according to the organizers of the Olympic Boulevard. CASA LEGO® was also one of the biggest attractions at Rio 2016.

The space set up on Ipanema Beach used a special ADS communication strategy. To attract national and international journalists, including Brazilian TV channels such as Globo, SBT and Bandeirantes and Danish and international ones, the agency worked with the Danish government to secure the presence of the Danish Royal Family at the opening ceremony.