Effective communication values the brand

Since 1998, ADS has been the communication agency for Socicam, the country’s largest passenger terminal administrator. With a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team, with a part based at ADS and a part in-house at the client’s facilities, we were able to monitor and contribute to the expansion of the company to other modalities other than roads, such as ports and airports, setting the tone of the communication, in addition to advising in crisis situations and in situations of unwanted media exposure.

The good relationship with the national press and other groups that interact with Socicam, as well as the socio-environmental responsibility projects that we developed in conjunction with the client, were essential in strengthening the company’s image.

Institutional publications, booklets, videos, ads, site restructuring and social media management are other activities that are under the responsibility of the agency and that are developed by the company’s staff.