Digital Strategies

A successful digital presence requires strategy and good planning. However, before you start planning, you need to first define the objective and what you expect from the digital communication actions. It might be launching a product or service, boosting website traffic, raising conversion rates or improving stakeholder relations. For each objective, there is a mix of specific digital strategies (channels, social media, influencers, online media and others). We can offer a personalized communication solution for each customer.

We connect our customers with the most innovative communication technology solutions, and we operate across the entire digital chain – from briefings to reports on results – to increase your visibility on the Internet, exceed your business goals and build and maintain your digital reputation.

A company starting out in the digital environment invests in the following strategies:

Companies in a more advanced digital stage can take advantage of broader strategies and actions:

  • Strategic Planning (analysis of digital presence and actions).

  • Branded Content (content creation for campaigns and channels).

  • Community (relations with various digital channel audiences).

  • Advertising (PPC campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin ads etc.).

  • Performance (monitoring metrics, views, number of clicks, interactions, optimization of results and personalized KPIs).

  • Inbound Marketing (buyer personas, content planning for attraction and conversion, sales funnel, lead management, landing pages and email marketing).

  • Social Listening (social media monitoring).