Influencer Marketing

Considered a global trend, influencer marketing is a digital marketing strategy that works in conjunction with digital influencers to build the image of a brand, product or service.

The goal is to create a real relationship between brands and their target consumers via the influence of independent content producers known as digital influencers. With substantial numbers of fans and followers on their social media, influencers play an important role in consumer purchase decisions. These decisions are often stimulated by the trust digital influencers have in the brands they promote.

As organizations confront declining audience numbers in traditional media and as public belief decreases in advertisers who bombard consumers with ads, digital influencer campaigns have generated very positive results for companies, especially because they can segment their actions.

They can delimit the type of audience they want to reach and identify influencers with profiles aligned with the brand positioning. As a consequence, this method has also brought more qualified customers to companies.

In this scenario, the current challenge lies in determining which influencers can best resent your brand, how they can best be used and which strategies are more assertive.

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Why use Influencer Marketing?

  • It builds trust between influencers, consumers and brands quickly

  • It promotes brand awareness with target and engaged audiences

  • Has wide reach and is a great source of lead generation

  • Has measurable results

  • Has low cost and high return