Social Media

Everyone knows that the Internet has changed the way people relate to brands. However, the great challenge is efficiently managing the different brand communication channels with their target audiences. Among the communication channels, the key ones are social media! It is not enough to simply create profiles on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn, you also need Social Media planning that is aligned with the branding strategy.

Our experience shows that content production and profile management on social media fosters friendlier relations with consumers, suppliers and other corporate stakeholders, especially because it transmits truer and more transparent relations.

As part of the strategy to build brand presence on social media, we highlight the importance of evaluating the results and the repercussions of content offered to followers. Content with high levels of engagement will certainly provide companies with more positive results.

Contact our professionals to generate buzz and better results for your company on social media!

Check out the services we offer your brand:

  • Evaluation of the most appropriate social media for your business

  • Creation and customization of profiles

  • Definition of target audiences

  • Production of content for posts

  • Production of exclusive content for LinkedIn

  • Page management

  • Customer Service 2.0

  • Interaction with followers

  • Media investment (Ads)

  • Monitoring and Social Listening