Media Relations

Media Relations seek to establish a permanent channel for dialogue between organizations and journalists. With more than four decades of experience in Public Relations, we have built extensive relationships with print, electronic and digital media leaders across the country, which open doors for consistent and lasting connections between the press and our clients.

Visibility in the media and reputation go hand in hand. Thus, ethics and transparency are the basis of the relationship with the different publications, portals and electronic media. Providing relevant content, reliable information and prepared sources is key to getting results.

We promote effective relations between companies, journalists and digital influencers to generate visibility and credibility.

Generating visibility requires creative communication strategies

Our team develops public relations strategies, promotes conncetions with journalists and provides creative and effective activities to generate results.

We prepare spokespersons for positive relations with the media, with digital influencers and on social media platforms; we find disclosure opportunities; we segment communications for each target audience; prepare position papers, key messages and content for press releases, interviews, articles and other communication materials.

Spokespersons are prepared via media training. This training, both theoretical and practical, gives interviewees more confidence in their interactions with journalists and when dealing with different situations.

We want to tell our clients’ stories in the best possible way:

  • We promote relationship programs between companies, journalists and digital influencers

  • We generate media visibility

  • We provide spokesperson training

  • We help define positioning and key messages

  • We monitor press and social media results