Media Training

ADS has extensive experience in spokesperson training programs. Media training aims to prepare CEOs, executives and collaborators of organizations for contact with journalists, opinion leaders and digital influencers.

Our training prepares spokespersons to give interviews for individual journalists or during press conferences and communicate positively and assertively in the following situations:


    crisis management


    social media


    public hearings


    corporate events



The aim of the media training program is to help the client perform well in a variety of situations, whether critical or not. It is the spokesperson who communicates the company’s key messages, presents growth strategies, announces results, new products or services, and communicates in crisis situations.

In the training, spokespersons learn about the real needs of the press and the influencers in contact with organizations; the question of time for responses; the profile of the audience, journalists and influencers; and how to build a relationship on a solid foundation.


Media training techniques and formats

Our media training program is divided into theoretical and practical modules and includes interview simulations, Q&As, performance analysis and improvement recommendations.

We train spokespersons for the best performance in different situations.

We demonstrate the importance of good relationships and understanding of the media and influencers. After all, we have a long record of success in training more than 1,000 executives from a wide range of sectors, including pharmaceutical, automotive, food and beverage, education, retail, oil and gas sectors, associations and services, among others.

We are sure that better prepared spokespersons gain visibility when they provide journalists with relevant information in a timely manner and relate consistently and transparently with influencers, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders.