Internal Communication

Effective Internal Communication Practices for Engaging and Valuing Employees

Employees are a company or organization’s most valuable asset. Keeping them informed, engaged, and feeling valued is a crucial function of internal communication.

To ensure smooth communication and improve the organizational climate, the first step is to understand the internal audience and their needs. Our team defines the best communication approaches and channels for each unique situation.

The biggest challenge is establishing transparent dialogue between leaders and employees. Background noise can hinder these connections and make it difficult to achieve desired results. Properly communicating expectations for workplace behavior, attitude, and company objectives gives employees clarity on how they can contribute to results.

We support the communications and HR teams in selecting and implementing the best internal communication strategies, integrating employees, and motivating them to achieve common goals.

After conducting a careful diagnosis, there are several tools that can be evaluated and adopted to enhance the effectiveness of Internal Communication programs, in conjunction with technology.

Climate survey

We specialize in conducting organizational climate surveys to support companies in creating effective Internal Communication programs. By identifying the difficulties, expectations, and challenges of employees, we provide a diagnosis that forms the basis for implementing improvements.


An intranet is a corporate network dedicated exclusively to employees. It provides access to content of interest at any time, thereby avoiding the need for mass sending of messages and emails.


Applications are another important technological resource for establishing direct communication with employees. The various features of apps provide a competitive advantage.

Bulletin board

Those who believe that physical communication is outdated are mistaken. For environments such as the factory floor, cafeterias, and coffee spaces, printed bulletin boards are effective for quick communications.


Printed or electronic, they are indicated not only to inform but to engage and value employees. In these channels, it is possible to communicate business results and challenges, highlight individual or group initiatives, and give visibility to people who contribute to the organization's growth.


We organize in-person or remote meetings to integrate employees, allowing them to interact, ask questions, and give their opinions to the speakers. The traditional "coffee with the president" is indicated to bring employees closer to leadership.


We develop conduct manuals and guides to guide employees on company rules and expected behaviors.

Corporate Social Networks

This new resource in companies foster the sharing of information and experiences among employees.

Corporate TV

Corporate TV provides entertainment and delivers important information to employees for their daily work life.

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