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Corporate Media Training

How to prepare spokespersons to effectively deal with the media

Our media training program is designed to help executives effectively communicate their organization’s key messages to the media. We’ve been refining our own exclusive methodology for over 50 years, training spokespersons to inform the press and other stakeholders with credibility.

Our media training activities enable executives to perform effectively in interviews with journalists, avoid errors and misunderstandings in press relations, and understand the structure of different media channels. We also offer practical exercises to help improve their performance in meetings with journalists.

We employ a team of speech therapists, psychologists, videographers, renowned journalists, and other specialists to analyze behavioral elements, rather than content alone, to create better spokespersons.

Our media training involves the following steps

Step 1

We plan and immerse the client’s team with intensive research and interview scripting.

Step 2

Step 2 Theoretical presentation on media landscape, the power of influencers, and the growth of digital media, with examples of real-life situations. Our experts teach spokespersons about the requirements of press channels when contacting organizations, response times and deadlines, journalist profiles, and how to build relationships on solid foundations.

Step 3

Practical exercises simulate online and group interviews, where our specialists provide feedback and key messaging to improve credibility in the media.

Step 4

We evaluate oral performance and posture, based on the criteria of objectivity, empathy, confidence, and mastery of company information. The team will provide feedback to the training participants on their performance, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement. This will enable the professionals to better understand their interview profile and enhance their performance.

Step 5

We prepare a report containing analyses and recommendations to the executives. All recordings made, along with notes and suggestions for each executive, will be delivered complying with Brazil’s Personal Data Protection Law to guarantee confidentiality of all information handled during the media training.

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