Social Networks

Effective social media management is critical for increasing brand engagement.

Merely creating profiles on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube isn’t enough; your social media plan must align with your branding strategy and engagement objectives for each channel. The primary challenge lies in efficiently managing the various communication channels that link your brand to its social media followers.

We believe that social media content production and profile management are crucial for building strong relationships with consumers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. This is achieved primarily by encouraging real, transparent relationships. To establish a brand presence on social networks, it is crucial to evaluate the results and impact of the content presented to followers.


We develop efficient LinkedIn strategies to help our clients improve their presence, increase relevance, and strengthen relationships and business networks. Our team plans and implements all the steps involved in improving the social media presence of executives and brands. These strategies are always aligned with marketing and communication objectives to enable our clients to interact and engage more assertively on a network that has more than 50 million users in Brazil.

Content production

To stay in the spotlight, strengthen bonds with stakeholders, increase brand credibility, and grow sales, a current and relevant approach is needed. We prepare a complete content schedule based on defined objectives, encompassing formats, frequency, and quantities, to promote greater engagement and brand visibility. By managing and monitoring KPIs, we continuously evaluate performance, adjust strategies, and correct routes for better results.

Training and Management

Our training program aims to create a ‘champion’ profile, providing tips for updating essential information and using keywords and other resources available on the platform to help create connections with professionals of interest within the company and elsewhere.

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How to increase the relevance of your profile and the interest of your audience

Instagram is one of the most important social networks that professionals and brands can utilize to generate business. Our team is involved in the full planning and execution cycle to increase visibility and reach on Instagram, helping executives and brands to increase engagement and consequently gain more followers. We develop visual and brand identities, construct and define personas of interest, and plan posts (frequencies, dates, times), content (posts, stories, videos, reels), monitor interactions, develop and monitor metrics, and make use of promotion tools.

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How to use TikTok strategically for your business

TikTok is currently one of the world’s most downloaded apps and has quickly turned into a powerful digital marketing tool. To help clients use all the social network’s resources and increase brand recognition among its users, our team takes care of everything from content planning to video production and posting. To boost results, we also work with the app’s advertising feature, TikTok Ads. Additionally, we provide regular reports to help evaluate the performance of the actions taken and respond assertively.

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How to increase visibility on the platform

To promote your brand and establish a sense of presence with your audience on this network, which is the second most accessed in Brazil with 4 billion visits per day, you need to use the right approach. Our team creates a strategic plan for promoting products or services on YouTube, from creating a channel, planning themes, writing and producing audiovisual content, and integrating with other media, to managing ads through the YouTube Ads tool. Our clients are given access to complete reports containing information on comments, views, subscribers, impressions, click-through rate, audience characteristics, and much more, making their marketing efforts more efficient.

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How to gain prominence and relevance on the network

Establishing a strong presence on Facebook, one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, requires a well-crafted strategy, plan, and content. Our experienced team can help you achieve your business goals and reach your target audience on this platform.

We assist our clients in devising an effective strategy that meets their specific requirements and generates new opportunities. Our team develops a comprehensive plan and creates content that takes into account Facebook’s algorithm and user behavior indicators.

We assess your target audience’s interests and profile segmentation for content, utilizing geolocation resources where necessary. We also take advantage of Facebook’s features such as videos, images, stories, and groups to increase interaction and engagement. Our team specializes in boosting campaigns and managing Facebook for Business with the help of our specialized partners.

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